Product information

Git, right in your CMS!


  • 📝 Rich diffs right in your CP!
  • 💎 Custom commit messages
  • ⛑ïļ See commit history
  • 🔁 Manual push and pull from your repo

Latest Releases

  • v2.2.2 (06 Sep 23)
  • v2.2.1 (05 Sep 23)
  • v2.2.0 (04 Sep 23)
  • v2.1.1 (30 Aug 23)
  • v2.1.0 (30 Aug 23)


  • PHP 48%
  • Vue 46%
  • SCSS 2%
  • Blade 1%
  • JavaScript 2%


  • Deployment
  • Utilities
  • Add-ons


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  • git
  • addon


Gitamic is a premium Statamic add-on that allows you to take full control of your Git workflow from within your CMS.

It's great for Statamic setups where you need more granular control of your Git history, and really shines on more complex sites that rely on controlled publishing workflows.

What it does

Gitamic surfaces details about the current state of your Statamic site's Git repository, allowing you to take full control of it without needing command line access or a separate Git app/UI.

This is great for development, but opens up new possibilities when it's available in your production installation.

Who it's for

Gitamic is for Statamic users.

It's great for developers, but it's also simple enough for non-engineers to use.

The most useful and simple concepts from Git are "commit", "push" and "pull" and Gitamic allows anyone with the relevant level of access to your CP to perform these actions, allowing them to carefully review file-level changes, committing what they want, how they want, and discarding anything they don't need.

It's great if you have complex workflows that automated commits don't work well for and when you want everyone on your team to keep up with the current state of your site.


Basically, Gitamic should run wherever Statamic runs. You should have a working Statamic setup. The only extra requirement is Git... but I know you already have that 😉

For a full requirements breakdown by version, see the docs.

Installation and Setup

  1. You first need a license, which you can get right here on Anystack
  2. Next, activate your license in your Anystack dashboard
  3. Install Gitamic
  4. Configure your application

Once Gitamic is installed, just refresh your CP and you can use it immediately. Even if your site hasn't been initialised with a Git repository, you can use Gitamic to get started!

For detailed installation and setup instructions, see the docs

It works with or without Statamic Pro!

Gitamic does not require Statamic Pro, nor Statamic's Git Automation to be enabled.


For the full details on Gitamic's features, how to install it and use it, check out the docs.