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Streamline Workflow with Filament Kaban - Your Kanban Success!

Latest Releases

  • v1.4.32 (17 Mar 24)
  • v1.4.31 (15 Mar 24)
  • v1.4.30 (13 Feb 24)
  • v1.4.29 (12 Feb 24)
  • v1.4.28 (04 Jan 24)


  • PHP 52%
  • Blade 35%
  • JavaScript 13%


  • Project management
  • Add-ons


  • filament
  • kanban
  • board
  • agile


Filament Kanban

Simplify Project Workflow with Kanban

Filament Kaban is your essential tool for effortlessly integrating Kanban board functionality into your Filament project. In its initial version, Filament Kaban offers streamlined records visualization within status columns, ensuring a clean and organized overview of your tasks. This version will also empower you to handle status changes, sort statuses as needed, and click on records to trigger Livewire events for a more efficient project management experience.

Key Features in the First Version

1. Status-Based Visualization

With the first version of Filament Kaban, you can visualize your project records in a Kanban-style layout, categorizing them into status columns. This provides a clear and concise view of your work at hand, making it easy to track progress and prioritize tasks.

2. Status Management

Effortlessly manage the status of your records. Change the status of your tasks with a few simple drag and drop behaviour, ensuring that your project reflects the most up-to-date information at all times.

3. Status Sorting

Tailor the order of status columns to suit your project's workflow. Arrange them in the way that best aligns with your process and preferences, providing you with flexibility and control.

4. Record Interaction

Click on records within the Kanban board to trigger Livewire events, enabling seamless interactions and updates without navigating away from the board. This feature simplifies the management of tasks and enhances your overall project workflow.


Check the package documentation here: Docs